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Data Sources

Topic Contacts

Welcome to the Childstats contacts page. This page contains contact information for staff from federal agencies who have expertise with NATIONAL data sets.

Within each area, staff members are identified by their field of specialization. To open each field click on the field name or use the menu to the right. Any open field will automatically close when you click on the next field.

Specialty Agency Name & E-mail
Adoptions NCHS Jo Jones
Adoptions CENSUS Rose Kreider
Child Care NCES Chris Chapman
Child Maltreatment ACF Susan Jekielek
Childhood Living Arrangements CENSUS Rose Kreider
Childlessness CENSUS Jane Dye
English Speaking Ability CENSUS Hyon Shin
Family Structure NCHS Debbie Blackwell
Fertility and Family Statistics CENSUS Jane Dye
Fertility and Family Statistics NICHD Rosalind King
Fertility and Family Statistics NCHS Stephanie Ventura
Immigrant Children CENSUS Rose Kreider
Marriage/Cohabitation NCHS Anjani Chandra
Marriage/Cohabitation CENSUS Rose Kreider
Marriage/Cohabitation CENSUS Tavia Simmons
Migration NICHD Rebecca Clark
Mothers Race/Ethnic Composition NCHS Stephanie Ventura
Nonmarital Childbearing NCHS Stephanie Ventura
Child Nutrition FNS Jay Hirschman
Health Insurance Statistics NCHS Robin Cohen
Maternity Leave CENSUS Lynda Laughlin
Parental Employment BLS Stephanie Denton
Poverty and Health NCHS John Pleis
Poverty, WIC Program ARS Mary Hama
Childhood Immunizations CDC James Singleton
Dental caries (cavities) NCHS Bruce Dye
Dental visits NCHS Bruce Dye
Health Insurance Statistics NCHS Robin Cohen
Adolescent Injury NCHS Margaret Warner
Adolescent Mortality NCHS Margaret Warner
Air Quality EPA Rhonda Thompson
Child Injury NCHS Margaret Warner
Child Mortality NCHS Donna Hoyert
Drinking Water Quality EPA Jade Lee-Freeman
Environmental Tobacco Smoke NCHS Debra Brody
Housing Problems OPDR Kathy Nelson
Housing Problems OPDR Barry Steffen
Lead in the Blood of Children NCHS Debra Brody
Violence OJJDP Janet Chiancone
Violence NIJ Carrie Mulford
Violence BJS Jennifer Truman
Alcohol Use NIDA Jessica Cotto
Illicit Drug Use NIDA Jessica Cotto
Sexual Activity ACF Susan Jekielek
Smoking NIDA Jessica Cotto
Violence OJJDP Janet Chiancone
Violence NIJ Carrie Mulford
Violence BJS Jennifer Truman
Achievement NCES Arnold Goldstein
Attainment NCES Tom Snyder
College Enrollment NCES Tom Snyder
Coursetaking/Transcripts, Secondary NCES Tom Snyder
Disabled Students NCES Tom Snyder
Dropouts NCES Chris Chapman
Education and Health NCHS Debbie Blackwell
High School Completion NCES Chris Chapman
Related Behavior and Characteristics NCES Tom Snyder
School Crime NCES Kathryn Chandler
School Crime NCES Tom Snyder
Vocational Education NCES Lisa Hudson
Youth Indicators NCES Tom Snyder
Asthma NCHS Lara Akinbami
Birth Certificate Data NCHS Joyce Martin
Birth Certificate Data NCHS Stephanie Ventura
Children's Health NCHS Susan Lukacs
Contraception NCHS Joyce Abma
Disability NICHD Louis Quatrano
Family Planning Services NCHS Gladys Martinez
Fetal Mortality NCHS Joyce Martin
Growth and Nutrition NCHS Cynthia Ogden
Health Care Access NCHS Robin Cohen
Healthy People 2010/2020 NCHS Richard Klein
Infant and Child Health NCHS Susan Lukacs
Life Tables NCHS Robert Anderson
Linked Birth/Infant Death Records NCHS Marian Mac Dorman
Linked Birth/Infant Death Records NCHS T.J. Matthews
Low Birthweight Infants NCHS Amy Branum
Mental Health (Depression) SAMHSA Beth Han
Overweight NCHS Cynthia Ogden
Perinatal Outcome/Maternal Nutrition and Weight Gain NCHS Joyce Martin
Pregnancy & Health NCHS Anjani Chandra
Pregnancy/ Family Planning Services/ Contraception NICHD Susan Newcomer
Prenatal Care & Delivery Payment NCHS Anjani Chandra
Preterm Births NCHS Joyce Martin
Sexual Activity NCHS Joyce Abma
Sexual Activity ACF Susan Jekielek
Sexual Activity and Fertility NCHS Anjani Chandra
Teen Pregnancy NCHS Stephanie Ventura
Teen Sex/ Teen Pregnancy NCHS Joyce Abma