BRIEF1 COVID-19 immunization: Percentage of children ages 5–17 vaccinated with one and two doses for COVID-19a by poverty statusb and race and Hispanic origin,c February 2022

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Characteristic Total Below 100% poverty 100% poverty and above
Received at least 1 dose 44.8 34.3 46.8
Received 2 doses 41.2 28.8 43.6
Race and Hispanic origin
White, non-Hispanic
Received at least 1 dose 42.2 20.8 44.6
Received 2 doses 40.2 18.1 42.8
Black, non-Hispanic
Received at least 1 dose 39.5 31.1 41.0
Received 2 doses 33.9 25.0 34.5
Other, non-Hispanic
Received at least 1 dose 58.4 60.8
Received 2 doses 54.7 56.9
Received at least 1 dose 47.1 45.4 49.1
Received 2 doses 41.7 37.8 43.9
‡ Reporting standards not met.
a As of June 19, 2022, COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all children ages 6 months–17 years. The data for the indicator in this report was collected during the time when COVID-19 vaccination was recommended for children ages 5­–17 years. The recommendations are available at:
bBased on family income and household size using 2020 U.S. Census Bureau poverty thresholds. Children with missing data on income were excluded from analysis by poverty status.
cThe revised 1997 U.S. Office of Management and Budget standards on race and ethnicity were used to classify persons into one of the following five racial groups: White, Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, or Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. Those reporting more than one race were classified as "Two or more races." Data on race and Hispanic origin are collected separately but combined for reporting. Persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race. Included as "Other, non-Hispanic" but not shown separately are American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and "Two or more races," due to the small sample size.
SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, National Immunization Survey–Child COVID Module.