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Brief 6 Exposure to violence: Percentage of children ages 0–17 with past-year and lifetime exposure to categories of violence, crime, and abuse, 2014

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Characteristic Any physical assault Any sexual victimization Any maltreatment Any property crime Any witnessed violence
Past year (percentage of children exposed)
All children 37.3 5.0 15.2 27.1 24.5
Male 41.6 4.1 15.2 29.9 24.9
Female 33.0 5.9 15.2 24.1 24.2
Lifetime (percentage of children exposed)
All children 51.4 8.4 24.9 41.3 38.3
NOTE: Physical assault includes any use of physical force with the intent to cause pain or harm, with or without weapon. It also includes kidnapping and bias attacks. It excludes threats, physical intimidation, relational aggression, and Internet harassment. Sexual victimiazation includes sexual assault by known/ unknown adult, by peer/sibling, forced sex, exposure or "flashing," sexual harassment, and statutory rape/sexual misconduct. Child maltreatment includes physical or emotional abuse by caregiver, neglect, and custodial interference/family abduction. Property crime includes robbery, theft/larceny, and vandalism. Witnessing violence includes any direct witnessing of family or community violence. It excludes indirect exposure to violence, crime, and abuse.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence.